U.K: Outspoken lesbian activist attacked on street

Listening to Lesbians

Magdalen Berns, an outspoken lesbian activist who was last year treated for a brain tumour, was reportedly attacked on a UK street, sustaining blows to her head.

mags1Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 5.02.36 pm

The motives for the attack are as yet unknown, with silence from LGBT news sources on the attack. A stranger stepped in to defend Magdalen Berns and was himself attacked further.

Source:  https://twitter.com/MagdalenBerns/

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“Queer has 5,000,000 definitions and they’re all correct” – an interview with Rosarlian

LGB vs what Queer means. There are people who know Queer is still used as a slur, and refuse to use it. Then we have the Queer+ Community. There are many ideological issues that separate Non Queer LGB vs Queer community.

Megan Rosalarian is a queer comic creator, artist and burlesque dancer. As a creative who makes a living from the web, she has been very vocal about the recent threat to Net Neutrality in America. Lois Shearing caught her with to discuss the issue, her feelings about labels, and her plans for 2018.

TQ: You’ve spoken a lot on social media about net neutrality. How do you think it’s repeal would affect queer creators?

I’ve been putting my work online for fifteen years. The internet has changed a lot in that time. Self publishing online used to be something we did because traditional publishing wasn’t an option for us. It was hard to get paying gigs for queer content. I never actually thought I would have a real career in comics. But the internet changed and the internet became an important part of everyone’s lives and putting content there is…

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Black Studies: On Race, Place, and Headspace

Once again, the cogent analysis by Claire Hutchinson.

Sister Outrider

A brief foreword: A short course in Black Studies is running in Edinburgh. It is, as far as I am aware, the first of its kind in Scotland. I decided to write a series of personal reflective essays about the experience as a way of processing and sharing information.

Half a year has passed since I last put pen to paper with the intention of blogging the results. I do not, as I have previously written, believe that I owe anybody an explanation for how much or little I publish as Sister Outrider. And yet I believe that breaking the silences surrounding mental illness goes some way towards removing the stigma attached to it. Since experiencing a mental health crisis last September, I haven’t felt much inclination to write or share any significant aspect of myself publicly. What writing I have done is for the chapters of a book…

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How men are using gender identity to deny male privilege

Gender Identity loopholes that benefit men.

Lavender Blume

Anyone who has delved into the topic of gender identity has likely heard about the diverging understandings of gender according to queer theory (gender is an arbitrary, personal, unqualifiable feeling) and radical feminism (gender is a social construct with well-defined parameters). This disagreement comes down to how womanhood and manhood are defined (although for reasons obvious to feminists, the nature of womanhood is much more frequently debated) and what we’re ultimately supposed to do about sex/gender stereotypes.

For centuries, women have struggled to break away from the expectations regarding how we’re supposed to look, act, think, and feel. While debates rage on about what it means to be a woman or a man – or a proper lady or a real man – there are people who want to identify as something other than what they were born as or how they’re expected to be. While it’s often said that the reason for…

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Feminism and partisanship: does the Left own feminism?

The protection of the rights of Women and girls, by any means necessary.

Lavender Blume

Feminism identifies patriarchy as the root of social inequality; though oppression also exists along ethnic, religious, national and cultural axes which overlap to create multiple layers of marginalization and discrimination, all societies (with a mere handful of exceptions) are built on a system of male domination of females. Though the term ‘radical’ is widely interpreted to mean ‘extreme’ particularly in the realm of politics, the etymology of the word is far less loaded while illuminating a crucial point:

late 14c., in a medieval philosophical sense, from Late Latin radicalis “of or having roots,” from Latin radix (genitive radicis) “root” (from PIE root *wrād- “branch, root”). Meaning “going to the origin, essential” is from 1650s. Radical sign in mathematics is from 1680s.

Radical feminism therefore seeks to address the root of patriarchy – why it exists and how it functions. The goal of any system of oppression is the accumulation and control…

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Hosting A PCMW Gathering

How to bring the community together again.

pussy church of modern witchcraft

Having a Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft gathering of womyn might feel a bit daunting if you have the idea that there is a certain plan you have to follow or a particular kind of topic or activity that must happen. However, we want to assure you that any gathering you host is yours to create. Pussy Church of Modern Witchcraft gatherings could be any of the following:

  • Potluck to get to know womyn in your local area who are radical feminists
  • Book discussion group
  • Activism planning
  • Learning about witchcraft, radical feminism, herbal remedies, gardening, connecting with the land in your area, the sacredness of menstruation and the cycles of womyn’s lives, self-sufficient living skills, goddesses in different cultures, divination
  • Ritual/worship service for the full and new moon, the solstices and equinoxes, other holidays or days of remembrance, celebrations of goddesses
  • Divination sessions with tarot, runes, etc.
  • Supporting community activism

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